ECS Students

Forty-six students from eighteen Departments in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Engineering, as well as two students with Independent Concentrations, are currently pursuing certificates in European Cultural Studies. The thirty-four members of the Classes of 2016 and 2017 in ECS (14 from the Class of 2016, 20 from the Class of 2017) are drawn from the following majors: History (8), Economics (3), English (3), Religion (3), Woodrow Wilson School (3), Art & Archaeology (2), Comparative Literature (2), German (2), Chemical and Biological Engineering (1), Chemistry (1), Classics (1), French & Italian (1), Independent (Philology) (1), Molecular Biology (1), Politics (1), and Spanish & Portuguese (1). Twelve members of the Class of 2018 have already been accepted into the ECS certificate program. They intend to pursue the following majors: History (5), German (2), French & Italian (1), Independent (1), Near Eastern Studies (1), Philosophy (1), Psychology (1).

In 2013, with generous funding from the David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Project, ECS welcomed its first group of Graduate Affiliates. Since then, with the ongoing support of the Council of the Humanities, the ECS GAs have collaborated with ECS faculty members to organize lectures, conferences, and workshops under the rubric Dialogues on European Cultural Studies. Events in the series have included: conferences featuring ECS GAs and undergraduate certificate students presenting their own interdisciplinary research on European culture; public lectures by eminent scholars; and informal workshops on topics in intellectual history, architectural theory, media studies, literary history, art history, and the history and philosophy of science. ECS GAs are nominated by the members of the ECS Executive Committee, and since 2013 have included post-Generals graduate students from the following PhD programs: School of Architecture (6), Art & Archaeology (2), Comparative Literature (4), English (1), French (7), German (2), History (4), History of Science (1), Philosophy (2), Slavic (1), Spanish & Portuguese (1).