ECS Students

Forty-six students from eighteen Departments in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Engineering, as well as two students with Independent Concentrations, are currently pursuing certificates in European Cultural Studies. The thirty-four members of the Classes of 2016 and 2017 in ECS (14 from the Class of 2016, 20 from the Class of 2017) are drawn from the following majors: History (8), Economics (3), English (3), Religion (3), Woodrow Wilson School (3), Art & Archaeology (2), Comparative Literature (2), German (2), Chemical and Biological Engineering (1), Chemistry (1), Classics (1), French & Italian (1), Independent (Philology) (1), Molecular Biology (1), Politics (1), and Spanish & Portuguese (1). Twelve members of the Class of 2018 have already been accepted into the ECS certificate program. They intend to pursue the following majors: History (5), German (2), French & Italian (1), Independent (1), Near Eastern Studies (1), Philosophy (1), Psychology (1).

In 2013, with generous funding from the David A. Gardner ’69 Magic Project, ECS welcomed its first group of Graduate Affiliates. Since then, with the ongoing support of the Council of the Humanities, the ECS GAs have collaborated with ECS faculty members to organize lectures, conferences, and workshops under the rubric Dialogues on European Cultural Studies. Events in the series have included: conferences featuring ECS GAs and undergraduate certificate students presenting their own interdisciplinary research on European culture; public lectures by eminent scholars; and informal workshops on topics in intellectual history, architectural theory, media studies, literary history, art history, and the history and philosophy of science. ECS GAs are nominated by the members of the ECS Executive Committee, and since 2013 have included post-Generals graduate students from the following PhD programs: School of Architecture (6), Art & Archaeology (2), Comparative Literature (4), English (1), French (7), German (2), History (4), History of Science (1), Philosophy (2), Slavic (1), Spanish & Portuguese (1).

Members of the ECS Executive Committee, 1975-2016

Carolyn Abbate, Music (1989-2001; Acting Director 1989-90, 1993-94)

David A. Bell, History (2013-present)

James A. Boon, Anthropology (1989-2002)

Sandra L. Bermann, Comparative Literature (1992-present)

Eduardo Cadava, English (2001-present)

Stanley A. Corngold, German, Comparative Literature (1980-88)

Robert Darnton, History (1987-2007; Director 1988-95)

Natalie Z. Davis, History (1980-86)

Brigid Doherty, German, Art & Archaeology (2005-present; Director 2012 present)

Edward A. Eigen, Architecture (2006-11)

Rubén Gallo, Spanish & Portuguese (2006-present)

Daniel Garber, Philosophy (2013-present)

Robert L. Geddes, Architecture & Urban Planning (1975-88)

Hildred Geertz, Anthropology (1975-89)

J. Lionel Gossman, Romance Languages & Literatures (Acting Director 1985-86)

Raymond Geuss, Philosophy (1986-88)

Anthony T. Grafton, History (1988-present; Director 1995-98)

Irena G. Gross, Slavic (2011-present)

Wendy Heller, Music (2013-present)

Michael W. Jennings, German (1988-present)

Thomas D. Kaufmann, Art & Archaeology (1988-2005)

Michele Lamont, Sociology (1994-2004)

A. Walter Litz Jr., English (1975-78)

Jan-Werner Mueller, Politics (2014-present)

Deborah E. Nord, English (1992-95)

Serguei A. Oushakine, Anthropology, Slavic (2013-present)

Spyridon Papapetros, Architecture (2013-present)

Thomas Pavel, Comparative Literature (1992-99)

David L. Quint, Comparative Literature (1988-91)

Anson Rabinbach, History (1998-present; Director 1998-2008)

Eileen A. Reeves, Comparative Literature (2001-present; Acting Director 2001-02, 2005-06; Director 2008-12)

Efthymia Rentzou, French & Italian (2015-present; Acting Director 2015-16)

François Rigolot, Romance Languages & Literatures (1995-2006)

Richard M. Rorty, Philosophy (1975-82)

Alan Ryan, Politics (1988-96)

Carl Schorske, History (1975-80; Founding Director)

Jerrold Seigel, History (Acting Director, Spring 1981)

John K. G. Shearman, Art & Archaeology (1984-87)

Albert Sonnenfeld, Romance Languages & Literatures, Comparative Literature (1975-87; Acting Director 1977-78)

Jeffrey Stout, Religion (1988-94)

Robert L. Tignor, History (1980-88; Acting Director 1979-80)

Thomas A. Trezise, French and Italian (2013-present)

Anthony Vidler, Architecture & Urban Planning (1980-96; Director 1980-87)

Maurizio Viroli, Politics (1996-2013)

Sheldon S. Wolin, Politics (1975-85)

Robert J. Wuthnow, Sociology (1988-94)

Theodore J. Ziolkowski, German, Comparative Literature (1975-80)

Conference Schedule


Download the complete conference schedule. 

Download the conference brochure with paper abstracts and biographies.

All events take place in 101 McCormick Hall and are free and open to the public.

Thursday, May 12

Welcome: Brigid Doherty

Perspectives on European Culture: Recent Doctoral Research at Princeton
Moderator: Effie Rentzou

Emmelyn Buttereld-Rosen
The Disposition of Persons: Conventions of Pose and the Modernization of Figural Art, 1886-1912

Miguel Caballero
A Monument to the People? Debates on Monumentality in Madrid During the Spanish Civil War

Rachel Cristy
Asceticism and the Right to Believe: Friedrich Nietzsche and William James Against the Unconditional Will to Truth

Daniela Fabricius
An Economy of Forms: Calculation and the Rational Turn in Postwar German Architecture

Federica Soletta
Between Toy and Science: The Stereoscopic Magazine and the Popular History of Architecture

ECS in the World I: Studying Cultures after Princeton A conversation among ECS alumni from the classes of ’97 through ’14
Moderators: Anthony Grafton and Eileen Reeves

Panelists: Nicholas Bellinson ’13, Holly Borham ’97, Max Botstein ’14, Jacob Denz ’10, Daria Foner ’11, Marina Isgro ’08, Chenxin Jiang ’09, Madeline McMahon ’13, Mariam Rahmani ’10

Friday, May 13

Conflict, Culture, and Pedagogy
Moderator: David Bell

Robert Darnton
ECS 406: Recollections of a Collaboration with Clifford Geertz

Sophia Rosenfeld ’88
The History of Mentalité and the Study of Politics

Deborah Krohn ’83
Teaching Cultural History through Food

Maryam Wasif Khan ’08
Teaching The Iliad in Post-9/11 Pakistan: The Unspeakable Burden of Narrative

ECS in the World II: Reflections from Beyond the Academy
A conversation among ECS alumni from the classes of ’76 through ’06
Moderator: Brigid Doherty

Panelists: Susan Feder ’76, Julia Friedlander ’06, Isabella de la Houssaye ’86, Jonathan Kevles ’90, Joshua D. Pollack ’99, E. Randol Schoenberg ’88, Joshua Sternfeld ’01, Naomi Wolfensohn ’87


Debora Silverman ’75 (UCLA)
Europe Without Borders, Modernity Unbounded: Fin-de-Siècle Imperialism and the Avant-Garde in King Leopold’s Belgium and Freud’s Vienna

Objects, Spaces, and Institutions in European Modernity and Beyond
Moderator: Spyros Papapetros

Anthony Vidler
Architecture and Cultural Studies at Princeton

Lisa Saltzman ’88
Daguerreotypes: Fugitive Subjects, Contemporary Objects

John Monroe ’95
Mirages of Modernism: Inventing Histories of African Sculpture in Interwar Paris

Jill Casid ’88
Necro-Tactics at the Limits of Refuge

Hilary Ballon ’77
Abu Dhabi: Nation Building and Urbanism

Saturday, May 14

Historicizing Power, Sovereignty, Self-Determination in Europe and Beyond
Moderator: Anson Rabinbach

Jerrold Seigel
Europe in Two African Mirrors

Stefanos Geroulanos ’01
Napoleon as Lawgiver: Sovereignty in the Composition of the Civil Code and its Afterlives

Timothy Nunan ’08
Between Berlin and Moscow: Iranian Visions of Self-Determination in a World at War, 1914-1921

Anne O’Donnell ’02
Ending an Endless Revolution: Property, Law, and Time in the Russian Revolution, 1917-1923

Paul Silverstein ’92
Moroccan Coalminers, Ethno-Religious Revivalism, and the Fate of Cosmopolitan Europe

Bernard Harcourt ’84
The Expository Society: Theorizing Power After May ’68


Michael Steinberg ’78
The Future of the European Past

Conference Participants

Hilary Ballon ’77 (New York University)

Nicholas Bellinson ’13 (University of Chicago)

Holly Borham ’97 (Princeton University)

Max Botstein ’14 (Harvard University)

Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen (ECS Graduate Affiliate 2014-15)

Miguel Caballero (ECS Graduate Affiliate 2014-15, 2015-16)

Jill H. Casid ’88 (University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Rachel Cristy (ECS Graduate Affiliate 2014-15, 2015-16)

Robert Darnton (Harvard University)

Jacob Denz ’10 (New York University)

Daniela Fabricius (ECS Graduate Affiliate 2013-14)

Susan Feder ’76 (The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

Daria Foner ’11 (Columbia University)

Julia Friedlander ’06 (US Department of the Treasury)

Stefanos Geroulanos ’01 (New York University)

Bernard E. Harcourt ’84 (Columbia University)

Isabella de la Houssaye ’86 (attorney; investment banker; curator; gallery owner)

Marina Isgro ’08 (University of Pennsylvania)

Chenxin Jiang ’09 (University of Chicago)

Jonathan Kevles ’90 (Renew Financial)

Maryam Wasif Khan ’08 (LUMS, Lahore)

Deborah Krohn ’83 (Bard Graduate Center)

Madeline McMahon ’13 (Princeton University)

John Monroe ’95 (Iowa State University)

Timothy Nunan ’08 (Harvard University)

Anne O’Donnell ’02 (New York University)

Joshua Pollack ’99 (Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, White House)

Mariam Rahmani ’10 (UCLA)

Sophia Rosenfeld ’88 (Yale University)

Lisa Saltzman ’88 (Bryn Mawr College)

E. Randol Schoenberg ’88 (Burris, Schoenberg & Walden, LLP)

Jerrold Seigel (New York University)

Debora Silverman ’75 (UCLA)

Paul Silverstein ’92 (Reed College)

Federica Soletta (ECS Graduate Affiliate 2014-15, 2015-16)

Michael Steinberg ’78 (Brown University)

Joshua Sternfeld ’01 (National Endowment for the Humanities)

Anthony Vidler (Cooper Union)

Naomi Wolfensohn ’07 (Wolfensohn Fund Management)